About us

CRYFIN Boost is an investment product of CRYFIN a. s. holding.

CRYFIN is a technology-focused financial holding company. We manage cryptocurrency assets and develop fintech products. Our goal is to provide superior value for our clients‘ savings.

With our technology background, we aim to provide easy access to bitcoin investing for retail and institutional clients. Our business decisions are based on our unique way of working with data. We are opening the door to digital investments for ordinary people.


A modern and unique way to earn interest on your investments

Our years of experience in the field of finance have enabled us to develop a product based on excellent technological foundations, exclusively as the first FinTech holding in the Czech Republic . We offer small and large investors a unique opportunity to earn interest on cryptocurrencies in a modern and simple way with fixed interest payments.

Serious investment product

Od From the very beginning, CRYFIN Boost has been positioned as a reputable and regulated financial institution. An institution with excellent technological roots. And it is precisely this combination of Finance and Technology (FinTech), complemented by a management team with many years of experience in running a European securities trader, that is unique in the EU


Investments for everyone

CRYFIN Boost is a unique service for those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. It makes it easy to buy bitcoin for Czech crowns and quickly exchange or sell it directly from your own secure customer account. In addition, it allows you to deposit bitcoins to earn a fixed annual interest rate of up to 8% p.a.

CRYFIN Boost customers can easily convert their funds directly into bitcoins and gain the opportunity to profit from the potential growth of this popular cryptocurrency. In addition, they receive a fixed annual interest rate on the bitcoins they own.

Benefits of CRYFIN BOOST

  • CRYFIN Boost is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in a modern way (possibility of initial investment from CZK 25,000 or with your own bitcoin).
  • We pay fixed interest on cryptocurrencies thanks to our custom investment strategy.
  • Very simple purchasing of cryptocurrencies at the lowest prices on the market.
  • One-time and regular term deposits are free of charge.
  • Support and localization is in Czech language.

Where to find us

The seat of our compThe headquarters of our company is in the very heart of Prague, in the Exchange Palace, where you can visit us. It is from there that we manage all our services and projects and provide excellent client care, operations, back-office and other support activities. In addition to our offices, our facilities include 3 fully equipped meeting rooms where we are happy to meet with you at any time.