Purchase of Bitcoins and deposit

Use our Bitcoin term deposit product even if you don't own any Bitcoins. Exchange Bitcoins with us and deposit them consequently.

Steps are easy:
  1. Choose the length of deposit from 6 to 24 months.
  2. In the "Allocation amount" field enter amount in CZK or BTC that you desire to purchase and deposit.
  3. If you need to buy Bitcoins first, an exchange fee of 1.50% will be charged. The total price will appear in the "Total to be paid" field.
  4. Next, select "Allocation type". You can choose between a regular or one-time BTC purchase and subsequent deposit. Deposit Bitcoins regularly every month with minimal purchase value from CZK 500. The minimum amount for a one-time BTC purchase and deposit is equivalent of CZK 25,000.
  5. To confirm Bitcoin purchase and subsequent deposit click on the green button "Confirm and display the summary". The summary of your order will be displayed next. By confirming the summary a binding order is placed.

How to deposit your own Bitcoins

You can also deposit your own Bitcoins that you already hold on an external wallet. In this case, no fee is charged.

Steps are easy:

Interest yield on Bitcoins

For each term deposit, you can choose the length of the deposit in months. The interest rate yield depends on the selected length of deposit. The longer the term deposit you choose, the higher interest rate you get.

6 months deposits bear interest of 0.30% per month. 12 months deposits bear interest of 0.35% per month. 18 months deposits bear interest of 0.40% per month. 24 months deposits bear interest of 0.50% per month.

Yield is always calculated from the nominal value of deposit. The interest from whole deposit will be paid out with the nominal value in the end of term deposit. In order for the deposit to bear interest in a given month, Bitcoins must be credited before the 26th day of the previous month.